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Specialized Programs

Special Education Programs


 Individual Support Program 

Scott Robertson School offers an Individual Support Program for students in Grade 1 - 6 who have been diagnosed with severe physical, medical or multiple disabilities.

Students register for the program at their community school.

ISP Programming has yellow bus service available, there are no fees for this service.



Scott Robertson School offers an Interactions for students in Kindergarten - 6 who have been diagnosed with Autism (ASD).

Students register for the program at their community school.

Interactions Programming has yellow bus service available, there are no fees for this service.


Pre-Kindergarten Program

For the 2023-2024 school year, please fill out Pre-Kindergarten Intake Form.

Pre-Kindergarten builds children's socialization, cognitive and speech language skills in a playful, language-rich environment. 

Pre-Kindergarten is for children aged three to four and may be available to children for one or two years, depending on the child's needs and age.

To attend Pre-Kindergarten children need to have a severe development delay and be at least 3 years old by December 31 of the year they are attending.

To qualify for Pre-Kindergarten, your child will need to have an assessment from a healthcare provider or a doctor, indicating that your child has a severe developmental delay. 

If you feel that your child may qualify for this program, but doesn't have a diagnosis, please call our office.

Program Delivery (subject to change)

  • Half-day classes - five days per week (8:45-11:15 AM or 12:30 - 3:00 PM)
  • 10-11 children per class
  • Playful and engaging learning environment

Each class has a team of professionals including a Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and Music Therapist who work with a teacher and classroom staff to help children get an excellent start to learning. 

Specialized Therapy & Education Play Program (STEPP)

In conjunction with the PUF program, Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) funds a Specialized Services Program at Scott Robertson School . The STEP Program provides intensive intervention for families of children with severe needs that significantly limit their ability to participate in normal daily living activities.  FSCD determines eligibility based on a number of criteria which include; the child has critical service needs in two or more areas including behavior, communication and social skills, physical abilities, cognitive abilities or self-help and adaptive functioning, and that the family needs support to acquire specific skills and learn strategies to help promote the  growth of their child’s development and participation.

The STEP Program and PKP teams work together to ensure that strategies and goals for each child are consistent across environments (classroom,  the child’s home and community settings). The STEPP specialists collaborate with the PUF specialists assigned to each child’s classroom to ensure all strategies are consistent in each environment. STEPP staff attends meetings with PKP/Community school teams to collaborate and provide any new information about the children’s programming needs.

The focus of the STEPP program is parent education.  Parent education occurs through regular individualized home visits with a Behavior Interventionist, Consultants, Program Coordinator, parent in-services and group community outings.  Parents should plan on participating in programming once or more per week.

 The STEPP Team consists of: 

  • SLP
  • OT
  • Behavior Consultant
  • Program Coordinator

Contact: Patricia Ashton - Program Coordinator- 780-475-3565


 Rosecrest School Site

The Rosecrest program provides individualized programming to children who have severe to profound physical and medical developmental disabilities. Assistive technology is utilized to develop functional and communication skills to enhance students' quality of life. All children live at Rosecrest home and are followed extensively by doctors and are provided daily nursing care. Children are eligible to live at Rosecrest Homes from birth until 18 years of age and the education program services children from age 6 to 18 years of age or until the child no longer resides at Rosecrest.

Students must have a contract with, and reside within, Rosecrest Homes in order to be eligible for school programming. 


Address: 10205 - 134  Avenue. T5E 1J2

Phone: 780-476 5858


Principal:  Julie Zelinski

email: srobertson@epsb.ca

Superintendent of Schools: Darrel Robertson

Trustee:  Trisha Estabrooks- Ward A