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Lunch & Nutrition


Each morning we offer a small morning snack to all of our students.  This is sponsored by our School Council and ensures that students are well fed in order to focus on learning for the remainder of the day.



At Scott Robertson School, we offer supervision at lunch for students who do not go home for lunch.  This allows students an opportunity to have a break from the school environment for a short time.  

All families are required to complete a Lunchroom Supervision Form to register your child to stay for lunch.  A fee is charged for this service to cover Lunchroom Supervisor's salary. Please refer to the School Fees section for lunchroom supervision fee calculation amounts.

Families are required to provide a lunch for students.  Please note that we do not have microwaves and are unable to heat up any food.


 Hot Lunch:

Once a month our School Council organizes a hot lunch.  This typically costs $5.00 per student.  


**** Due to COVID -19 Hot Lunch will not be available for the 2021-2022 School Year ****