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School Profile

Scott Robertson School has many diverse programs that support the learning needs of students in Edmonton’s North Central.


We provide an inclusive Kindergarten to Grade 6 program for students within our neighbourhood boundaries. Students with special needs are programed for based on their strengths while addressing their areas of needs.  The level and type of support is dependent upon the needs of each child, and the classroom as a whole.  Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.

Individual Support Program

The individual Support program is designed for students in grades one through six with severe to profound developmental delays who may also require support due to physical, sensory, or behavioral challenges and/or medical conditions.  


Pre-Kindergarten supports children 2 years and 8 months to 5 years old who have a first language other than English or have mild, moderate or severe delays in their development. Each class has a team of professionals who help children get an excellent start to learning before Kindergarten by working on speech, mobility and everyday tasks like communicating and exploring their senses.

Watch this video to get a sneak peek inside these fun and busy classrooms where children learn by playing with their peers. Learn more about Pre-Kindergarten.

 Specialized Therapy Education & Play Program (STEPP)

Edmonton Public Schools, FSCD, and Alberta Learning partnered to establish and Early Intervention Specialized Services Program (STEPP).  This program supports families and transitions children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder through their pre-school years and into kindergarten.  Programming emphasizes communication, socially appropriate behaviour, play skills and building family capacity.  At first, a step-by-step approach is utilized in structured activities.  As the child is ready, learning is gradually transferred into more natural settings. Student in the STEPP program are also typically registered in our Pre-Kindergarten Program for the other half of their programming.  

Rosecrest School Site

The Rosecrest program provides the children who live and learn at Rosecrest with optimum care, treatment, and rehabilitation in a caring, emotionally supportive learning environment.  Each student’s education programs are designed in accordance with the guidelines set out by Alberta Education and based on a number of other considerations including but not limited to:

   ~ the student’s medical condition and health

   ~ recommendations made by consultants

Generally, the student’s education program are designed to provide enhancement, encourage communication and independence and provide opportunities for socialization.  Activities are functional in nature and provide for skills to be generalized across a variety of settings and with different people.

Students must have a contract with and reside within Rosecrest Centre in order to be eligible for school programming.